Anteroom to the Tribuna and Tribuna

The ceiling of the Anteroom to the Tribuna in the nineteenth century still presented a painting, by Giuseppe Porta, with the Contest of The Attica between Athena and Poseidon. The room contained various antiques, outstanding among which was a long relief with a sacrificial scene (Suovetaurilia), now in Paris.

The Palazzo Grimani Tribuna was probably designed by Giovanni himself as a central-plan museum. It was a stylistic unicum, in Venice there was nothing like it. Severe, solemn, lit by the light falling from the central lantern, the room had a vaulted ceiling decorated with lacunars and the walls displayed niches and shelves for housing statues and busts. When it was dismantled in 1594, for the removal of the marbles to the Public Statuary, the room contained over one hundred and thirty sculptures including Greek and Roman works. A key sculpture has been brought back from the Archaeological Museum: The abduction of Ganymede, returned to its original position in the air space of the Tribuna vault.

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