New paintings by

Sandro Kopp

10 May – 10 October 2019


Meyecelium is an exhibition of new work by Sandro Kopp.

Each painting is a portrait of a single eye of one of the artist’s friends and family, painted from life over the course of the past two-and-half years, surrounded with precious metals – gold, silver, platinum – that further ennoble the paintings and establish a relationship with image-making  traditions from ancient Egypt, to Byzantine icons, to the golden mosaics of Torcello and San Marco. 

Our eyes are primarily receptors of information, but also powerful transmitters of our personality and emotion. These organs that allow light and impressions into our bodies, are also the main broadcasters of our presence and the mediators of our connections to other people. 

The paintings were made in many different locations, all over the world: in Kopp’s studio, but also in hotels and cafés, in parks and gardens. The locales of the sittings can be gleaned by studying the reflection in the irises, which often include a tiny silhouette self-portrait of the painter as well as the environment of the sittings. 

The title of the exhibition alludes to the organically grown network of relationships and friendships that exists around every individual. Kopp is half-German, half-New Zealander based in the Scottish Highlands.